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Catalog Creator is an older version of our Product Catalog Software which has been replaced by CleverCat. However, many other sites, such as CNET, still provide a copy of the software for download and we have no control over these listings. We understand that some first-time visitors to this site may have downloaded a copy of Catalog Creator from another site and come here for support, more information or to purchase the software.
We'll continue to sell and support Catalog Creator as long as those listings are out there. Take a moment to read about the differences between the two products. The tutorials on this site demonstrate CleverCat but most of the information applies to Catalog Creator as well. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Catalog Creator if you can't find the answers here.


If you did not download Catalog Creator from another site and are still interested in trying it, download it now.

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Which is right for you?

Catalog Creator reads data directly from the spreadsheet. CleverCat imports the spreadsheet into a database where an internal index allows it to create a Table of contents, an Index Page, HTML files as well as two additional template styles - Summary and Feature.
CleverCat is more flexible. It can print two photos for each product and up to 21 data fields and 20 labels. Catalog Creator is limited to 10 data fields, 10 labels and only one photo.

Which is easier to use?

For some types of data, Catalog Creator will be easier to use. The spreadsheet must be formatted specifically; with Index, Category and Photo columns, plus 10 data columns. This means there are fewer decisions - if the spreadsheet is formatted correctly, the data is ready to print.
For exactly this reason though, CleverCat is the right choice for most users. The spreadsheet does not require a specific format and you can select which columns to use.
Both Applications have the ability to create Detail Tables. With Catalog Creator, the data must be grouped in the original spreadsheet. CleverCat has built-in Sorting and Grouping functions which can be used to easily create tables from almost any data.

Catalog Creator is suitable for basic catalogs, especially those using Grid-style templates and is still more flexible than many competitive database-driven products because of its customizable data fields and Template Editor. CleverCat is a more powerful, flexible application and, for catalogs, an alternative to more expensive, more difficult to learn desktop publishing programs.



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