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CleverCat or Catalog Creator?

What's the difference between CleverCat and Catalog Creator?

Please see this page for more information.

Licensing and Updates

Does the trial version have any limitations?

The trial is actually the full version of the software. It is fully functional and you purchase a license to activate the software and remove the reminder messages.

What is the difference between an Update and an Upgrade?

Updates may include new features or may just contain minor formatting changes or bug fixes. Typically, the software is updated several times each year.

Upgrades typically contain major changes to features but are also produced for compatibility with new versions of Microsoft Office or Windows. CleverCat and Catalog Creator are based on Microsoft Access and, for maximum compatibility with older computers, runs on the version previous to the current Office version.

Are Updates and Upgrades free?

Updates - for example, version 2.x to any newer version 2.x - are always free.
Upgrades - for example, any version 2.x to any version 3.x - are subject to the upgrade fee posted on the Pricing Page. However, you may always upgrade for free within one year of your original purchase.

How do I find out what version I have?

The version number is displayed at the top-right corner of the Main Menu.

Will CleverCat run on a Mac?

Sorry, CleverCat and Catalog Creator are Windows only.

Data Importing

I get an error message while importing data.

The most common error in importing is due to columns containing a mix of text, numbers, dates, prices, etc.

Mixed columns must be coverted to text before importing. This tutorial demonstrates the conversion procedure.

My text fields are cut off during import.

When transferring a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access, Office scans only the first few rows to determine the type of data.

If those first few rows contain less than 255 characters, Office assumes that every row in the entire column contains less than 255 and cuts off the data at that point. There is a registry change which can force Office to scan every row but the simplest fix is to add extra characters to the cell in the first row, forcing Office to import the entire cell.

Printing Issues - Data

Data from multiple categories is being mixed together.

When using the Compact option, all categories are printed as if they belong to a single category, using the template assigned to the first category in the selected group. CleverCat sorts the categories using the T.O.C. (Table Of Contents) number assigned to the category. Assign a unique number to each category to avoid mixing data.

Some of my products are not printing.

Check the numbers in the Print and Sub Order number columns on the Data View form.
For most users, the Print Order should be a unique, sequential number and the Sub Order number will be 1. For users with products in a Detail Table, some rows will share a common Print Order number and the Sub Order number will be sequential within that group of records.

Printing Issues - Photos

Some of my photos are not printing.

The most common printing problem is due to using photos which are too large. Photos directly from a digital camera can be 5,000kb or larger. CleverCat loads every photo in an entire category into memory for printing and full-size photos can easily consume all the available memory. This can result in slow printing, missing photos or even program crashes. Reduce the size of the photos to avoid memory problems. In general, a photo in the 50kb - 200kb range provides a good blend of print quality and memory usage.
We recommend Omniformat for a utility which can easily convert your photos with only a few clicks.

My photos are not printing at all.

Each category can have a separate folder. Check that the image folder is set correctly for each category. Also, check that the "Do Not Print Photos option on the Configuration form is not selected.





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