Template Editor

CleverCat has a simple drag-and-drop template editor. You can use this to create as many templates as required to display your products. Each product can have 2 photos, up to 20 fully-customizable data fields and 20 labels.

We can design your templates for you - for free!

If you're evaluating the software, or even if you haven't downloaded the free trial yet, and would like to see some examples of what CleverCat can do, send us a spreadsheet of your data and a description of what you want the template to look like - number of items on a page, size of photos, font sizes, colors, borders, or anything that's important to you - and we'll put together some PDFs for you to look at. There is no charge for this service.

Send a copy of your spreadsheet to: On-site Custom Software

If you would like to see your photos in the samples, we recommend DropBox.com as a convenient way of sharing large numbers of files.


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