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Uploading Your Data

There are several ways to upload files to your webserver. If you have already configured FTP on your server then you can use a utility such as FTP Commander. Contact your website host or view their tutorials for more information about setting up FTP.

If you have not configured FTP then you can use the File Manager or equivalent utility in your Control Panel. Again, you may have to contact your website host or view their tutorials but most hosts provide a utility with simple folder views and clearly marked functions such as shown in the screenshot below.

There is one thing which may not be immediately clear when you first start the File Manager. Some of these utilities are set to connect to the correct folder by default but others may connect to the root folder. If you see a folder in list with the name "www" or something like "public_html" then change to that folder. If you see both of these in your list (above) then it does not matter which one you change to as it is the same folder with a second directory listing.


Before uploading, you should create a new folder. In my example above, I've created a folder named dbEditor and that's where I will upload the files from the Local Output Folder (except for dbImport.csv).
If you've done this correctly, you can now run the utility by entering its full URL in the address bar of your browser. In my example below, this is


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